Maryland Comptroller's Cup Competition

Calling all Judges and Stewards!

The Comptroller's Cup is a competition of professional brewers located in Maryland. Most competitors are members of the Brewers Assocation of Maryland (BAM). This is a BJCP Registered Competition so all judges, stewards and staff are awarded points. Here's important information regarding the competition:

Date Sunday, October 13, 2013
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Time 9:00 am: Check-in/Light Breakfast
  10am-12:30pm: Judging
  12:30-1:00 : Lunch
  1:00-1:30: BOS
Location Restaurant Association of Maryland
  6301 Hillside Court, Columbia, Maryland 21046
Expected # of Entries 120
Categories/Groupings There are 12 groupings that encompass all 23 BJCP styles. See full list below.
Contact/Questions: Organizer: Les White

To sign up as a judge or steward please send an email to with the following information:

1. Name
2. BJCP ID and current ranking (if you have/know)
3. Judge or Steward
4. If judging, Grouping #s (see below) you'd prefer to judge
5. Any Grouping #s you'd prefer Not to judge

If you are a brewery in Maryland and wish to find out more about this competition or BAM, please contact Phil Bowers,

12 Maryland Governor's Cup Entry Groupings with BJCP Category #s in parenthesis:

1) Gold/Blonde Ale (BJCP category 6A – 6C)
2) Gold Lager (BJCP 1(all), 2(all))
3) Belgian Ale (BJCP 16(all), 17(all), 18(all))
4) Porter/Brown Ale (BJCP 10C, 11(all), 12(all))
5) Stout (BJCP 13(all))
6) Pale Ale (BJCP 8(all), 10A)
7) Märzen/Oktoberfest/Vienna/Dark Lager (BJCP 3(all), 4(all), 5(all))
8) Amber Ale/Red Ale/Alt (BJCP 7(all), 9A-9D, 10B)
9) Wheat Beer (BJCP 6D, 15(all))
10) India Pale Ale (BJCP 14(all))
11) Specialty/Experimental/Fruit Beer (BCJP 20(all), 21(all), 22(all), 23(all))
12) Barleywine/Strong Ale (BJCP 9E, 19(all)


Current BJCP Style Guidelines
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