Ron Pattinson Event at Maryland Homebrew


Old English Recipe jpg format

Vintage_Beer_list pdf

Vintage_Beer_intro pdf

The recipes for the Ron Pattinson Event are attached to the post above.

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  1. Greetings.

    Baltibrew would like to brew a beer for this very cool event but we’d like to see what others are brewing so we don’t ovelap. Our top three choices are:

    1. 1900 Gratzer/Garodziskie
    2. 1885 Younger XP
    3. 1846 Truman XXXXK

    If anybody else is looking to brew let me know so we can compare notes/plans.

    Thanks much,


    • Hi.

      So a couple of us from Baltibrew brewed up the 1900 Gratzer/Grodziskie from Ron’s recipe. 7 lbs oak smoked wheat, 2 hour boil with additions of 2 oz. Saaz (didn’t have access to Lublin) and 1 oz Fuggles, WhiteLabs Kolsch yeast fermenting at 68F. I deviated from the recipe in that I made the beer sour. I made a sour starter and then soured the wort for a day before boiling and adding the hops. OG = 1.029. It’s in the fermenter and should be ready to go for the event on March 16th.


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