Mead Day 2017 – 11/4

Come out for Mead Day.

Date/Time:  Saturday November 4th at Noon
Location:  Snyder’s Apiary, 4747 Norrisville Rd, White Hall, MD 21161

Lloyd and Ruth Anne Snyder will be opening up their barn for a day of mead making and mead sampling. Fortunately, mead doesn’t take a lot of work to make. You mix the varietal honey with hot water to dissolve it. You add in some yeast nutrient and top off with cold water. Aerate the must and pitch your yeast. In 2 days, de-gas the must and add additional nutrient. 2 days later, de-gas and add the last nutrient addition. Then wait…..

Come out to Snyder’s Apiary at Noon. Dress in layers as the weather can be ever changing and seasonal.

The Snyders will provide a protein from their smoker. Please bring a dish to share. If you have mead that you have made, please bring it to share. Beer and wine are encouraged, too. Also, bring a lawn chair.

There are usually about 5 different varieties of honey to choose from. The honey cost will be about $4.25 per pound and it usually takes about 12 pounds to make 5 gallons of normal strength mead (12%), you can make it weaker or stronger or in a smaller quantity as you choose. Yeast nutrient and dry yeast will cost about $5 additional. We hope to see you there!