Big Brew May 2 2015

National Homebrew Day

Join Us and Celebrate National Homebrew Day, also known as Big Brew. The format is a general all day party atmosphere where brewers from all around bring their rigs and make beer. You don’t have to brew to join in the fun, just stop by and see how beer is made

There are several sites around the state where you are welcome to join us in our celebration of homebrewing. Check out the map:

  • Maryland Homebrew.
    • The event kicks off around 9AM (there will be a few folks there earlier maybe as early as 8AM), Maryland Homebrew opens at 10AM.

Please join us and try out one of the recipes.

For a list of other regional Big Brew sites, click HERE.


2 thoughts on “Big Brew May 2 2015”

  1. Things are starting officially at 9am, water will be available. MdHB doesn’t open until 10am (so buy ingredients before). We’re usually out of there around 5pm at the latest.

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